The sausage principle: 'If you love something, never find out how it's made' "- John Oliver"

I'm Kunal , I ride bikes and like to cycle tour.

I started this project after completing a machine learning course online. Rather than grabbing an off-the-shelf data set I decided it'd be more interesting to play with data that I was more familiar with and had an interest in. Of course building that dataset ended up being much more challenging than I had anticipated.

Along the way I realized the data would be useful to tons of other cyclists around the world if it was organized and presented properly in a single reference material that everyone could help make better. I've spent several months building tools toward that. Much much more is on the way so please keep checking back - Kunal, Oct 2015


If you need help, notice something is broken or inaccurate please contact me via the information on my personal site..